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Diagno Biotechnology is a startup company built on 20 years of experience in governmental research facilities, academy, and private sector. We decided to create value from the experience and started business in order to  support our sectoral and academic partners.


Infectious Disease Diagnostics for Companion animals

Explore our high-quality rapid test kits for veterinary use, covering a range of feline and canine infectious diseases.

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Köpek Sallayarak Pençe


Sustainable and Specific Affinity Molecules

The DiagnoBody is an award-winning affinity molecule, designed to be vegan and cost-effective. It has been created with low plastic consumption in mind, making it an environmentally-friendly choice. This product offers high performance and reliability, making it perfect for any lab or research facility developing affinity diagnostic tests.


Your Solution Partner in Diagnostics

Welcome! We are DIAGNO BIOTECHNOLOGY and we provide solutions for your diagnostics related challenges.

  • We develop and produce diagnostic kits and their raw materials.

  • Our primary focus is on affinity-based diagnostics such as rapid tests (Lateral flow assays, immunofiltration), ELISA, immunochromatography and Biosensors.

  • We develop novel affinity molecules including antibodies and our custom vegan DiagnoBody Molecules.

  • We are supplier of devices for kit production facilities, we develop novel diagnostic kits.

  • We provide support to the companies and academicians who are willing to go beyond what they know about diagnostics.

  • The main industries we serve are Veterinary medicine, Medical Diagnostics, Biodefense and Agricultural Diagnostics.

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