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Assay development and consultation

  • With our 20 years of expertise with antibody-based assays, we provide consultation to the research laboratories and R&D units for assay development and troubleshooting.

  • We provide free consultation for assay development with antibodies and proteins provided by our company.


Custom antibodies and affinity molecules

  • We design custom molecules specific for the target you need. After in-silico design, wet lab confirmation is done before delivery.

  • We provide custom monoclonal antibodies or polyclonal antibodies for your need.

Diagnobody ELISA.png

Project writing 

  • We provide consultation and project writing services for TÜBİTAK and KOSGEB supports.


Production line establishment and development

  • We provide consultation to entrepreneurs who are willing to establish a production facility for rapid test assembly, sheet production and immunochromatography columns


​Immunoinformatic analyses

  • We provide Theoretical Kd determination, molecular docking and molecular dynamics analyses for your specific target proteins and molecules.

  • We conduct small molecule screening.

Designing on Computer
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