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Future of Affinity Diagnostics


Reduction of plastic waste

High sensitivity & specificity

90% reduction in affinity molecule costs

Versatility for different analytes

What is DiagnoBody?

DiagnoBody Affinity Molecules are antibody-mimetic molecules that can be used in diagnostic kit development. In Diagno Biotechnology, we have a profound experience in antibody development and based on this expertise, we are well aware that the most important constraints of the antibodies are the costly and animal-dependent manufacturing process. We are solving this problem with the use of tailor-designed affinity molecules composed of alpha-amino carboxylic acid residues which replaces the costly and animal dependent cell culture based manufacturing process with a much cost-effective, synthetic process.

Sustainable Biotechnology

We believe in a Better Biotechnology

Diagno Biotechnology offers advanced diagnostics and biotechnology services with minimal plastic use and vegan diagnostic kit raw materials. Our goal is to provide sustainable and high quality services.

Diagnobody vs Antibody_V2.png

Products on the shelf

Award-winning affinity molecules

DiagnoBody is a revolutionary affinity molecule that can be used in diagnostic kit development. Our human IgG specific products are ready to use, with a sensitivity and specificity that are far better than traditional antibodies. We have extensively tested our products in kit development to ensure accuracy and reliability. DiagnoBody is the perfect tool for all your diagnostic testing needs.

Custom DiagnoBody Design

Award-winning affinity molecules

The  DiagnoBody development service includes the in-silico design of small molecules composed of alpha-amino carboxylic acid residues specific for a target antigen and in-vitro validation of the molecules in ELISA system. The designed peptides will be labeled with Horse Radish Peroxidase and their specificity will be established within the project timeline. The details of the desired specifications will be defined prior to project initiation depending on the antigen.

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