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Diagno Biotechnology is a leader in the development and production of diagnostic tests. We provide specialized devices and kits for immunodiagnostic assays, lateral flow kits production and ELISA reader. Our team is composed of experts in the field who are passionate about helping those in need of accurate diagnosis.

At Diagno Biotechnology, we strive to develop cutting-edge diagnostics that are efficient, cost-effective and reliable. We believe in making a difference in the healthcare industry and strive to provide high-quality and accurate diagnostic tests.


Lateral Flow Kit Production

Programmable Strip Cutter


The Programmable Strip Cutter is a powerful and robust tool for cutting lateral flow sheets. 

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Microplate Reader

Compact ELISA Reader


The Compact ELISA Reader is the perfect tool for your diagnostic tests. This versatile 96 well microplate reader is user-friendly and compact, making it ideal for any lab environment.

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Assembly Roller

Assebly roller_edited.png

The Assembly Roller is designed for accurate and efficient compression of plastic cassettes.

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