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Our Quality Policy

  • We will comply with the rules declared by the companies of which we are suppliers or customers, regarding Quality,​

  • We will provide all kinds of protection necessary to prevent negative effects on the health of our employees and people who will be affected by our activities, and to control accidents, damages and dangers that may occur to our own and other persons' property at the very beginning,

  • We will make the Quality Management System understanding a life philosophy by improving the quality awareness of our employees,

  • We will comply with the national and international legal requirements, standard conditions, the conditions of the organizations we are a member of and the conditions of other parties on quality issues,

  • We will adapt the philosophy of continuous improvement and systems to the Quality Management System in all processes and continuously improve its effectiveness, assimilate it to all personnel, and increase its market share, profitability and competitive power in this direction,

  • We are committed to meeting the needs and expectations of our customers in accordance with the requirements of the Quality Management System, with our management team and trained modern personnel, by following the technological innovations in the diagnostic technologies sector and especially in the scope of our company's activity simultaneously with the world.

Production Facility & Product Registreation

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Quality Management Systems

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