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DS0101_Ultrapure water_5L_edited.png

Ultrapure water


Our Ultrapure Water has a conductivity less than 0,055 µs/cm, making it ideal for use in a variety of industries. It is suitable for molecular biology, analytical chemistry, automotive, chemical, pharmaceutical, food and textile industry research and quality control laboratories, medical laboratories, and operating rooms of hospitals and clinics. It has undergone a rigorous purification process, ensuring its purity and quality. Our Ultrapure Water is sure to meet the highest standards in any application.Available in 1L or 5 L packaging.

Product Features
  • DS0101.1000        Ultrapure water, 0,055 µs/cm, 1 L packaging

  • DS0101.5000       Ultrapurewater, 0,055 µs/cm, 5 L packaging

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