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Anti-human IgG DiagnoBody

PRODUCT CODE:  DP0101 Non-Labeled 


Our Anti-human IgG DiagnoBody is specifically designed to detect human IgG molecules. It can be used in ELISA development and will not cross react with IgM and IgA. Our DiagnoBody is better than traditional antibodies, with improved specificity and sensitivity. This makes it a reliable choice for diagnosing diseases caused by human IgG molecules.HRP labeled molecues are also available.Molecules are sold in 1 mg packaging. Contact for bulk inquiries.

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Diagnobody Cross Reactivity_V2.jpg

No Cross-Reactivity

DiagnoBody Anti Human IgG is a high quality diagnostic tool for detecting IgG antibodies in human serum. It is highly specific with no cross reactivity with IgA, IgM or Human Serum Albumin, providing accurate and reliable results.  DiagnoBody Anti Human IgG is a reliable choice for laboratories looking for a dependable affinity molecule

Antibody vs Diagnobody_V2.jpg

P: Positive samples N: Negative samples

Better Than Antibodies

The DiagnoBody Anti-human IgG is specially designed to detect and quantify human IgG antibodies. It performs better than conventional reference antibodies and has been successfully tested in a COVID-19 antibody ELISA kit with a panel of positive and negative serum samples.

DiagnoBody resulted in higher signal/cutoff ratios than conventional antibodies.

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